Sampoerna Brand A: Soundrenaline

Digital, Activation

  • Year: 2016

Studio 1212 was selected as the digital content agency for Sampoerna Brand A, a household brand name in the Indonesian archipelago,by Sampoerna’s parent company, Philip Morris Indonesia. Studio 12 12 was sought out for this role due to its close connection to and deep knowledge of the local creative scene. The role entailed content planning and direction, cross-channel plotting, managing consumer relations and executing ideas for the brand’s platforms.

Go Ahead People Campaign

After fifteen years as a major player in the music festival scene, Sampoerna recognized the need to re-position and evolve Soundrenaline from a segmented, genre-specic festival into a more inclusive, genre-spanning festival aimed at a wider demographic.

Studio 1212 was tasked with digital content creation including: articles, promotional videos and reviews to engage the general public with the website. Additionally, various forms of online activations for the festival’s website were modernised, including media briefs, online engagements, and targeted brain teasers.

Go Ahead People Campaign

Go Ahead People Campaign
Go Ahead People Campaign
Go Ahead People Campaign

Go Ahead People Campaign

  • Forced From Home
  • Fight The Power
  • There Is Nothing So Stable As Change
  • Daydreaming
  • What Means The World To You
  • Polka Dots And Moonbeams
  • Things In Life
  • For The Good Times