Go Ahead Challenge is a yearly Sampoerna A engagement campaign that started in 2014. The engagement gives practitioners in Indonesia’s creative scene a platform to showcase their works and the opportunity for prestigious experiential prizes in their field of choice.

Studio 1212 developed three Go Ahead Challenges that correlated with Sampoerna A’s three-phase communication campaign, #NantiJugaLoPaham. Each Go Ahead Challenges included developing the concept, strategic planning, and executing several facets of the engagement - including mentor management, and executing offline workshops.

Go Ahead Challenge - Layar Kita Bahasa Kita

For the first phase, Studio 1212 helped develop Layar Kita Bahasa Kita, an engagement that invited filmmakers to submit their reels and music video concepts for Iga Massardi, a popular Indonesian musician, and get the chance to make their ideas become real. This was the first time Go Ahead Challenge included film as a sub-culture, and Studio 1212 managed three mentors/judges for Layar Kita Bahasa Kita, filmmaker Angga Sasongko, Musician Iga Massardi, and video-artist Anggun Priambodo.

Studio 1212 also managed and supervised the winner selection process, where 18 finalists from all over Indonesia met in Jakarta and went through a three-day filmmaking workshop with the mentor/judges to decide the winner. Studio 1212 also developed several video content to promote and document the engagement.

Go Ahead Challenge - Musik Gue Ekspresi Gue

For the second phase of 2018, Studio 1212 developed Musik Gue Ekspresi Gue, an engagement that is based around music innovation. The Go Ahead Challenge website contained downloadable audio samples that must be remixed by submitters any way they liked.

After a thorough selection process involving five mentor/judges of different genres (Nikita Dompas, Kimokal, Rekti Yoewono, Marco Steffiano, Laze), five bands/artists were selected to travel to Jakarta for recording sessions mentored by a designated judge. And after 4 days of recording, they had the chance to perform their songs in Artwarding Night, the winner announcement event. 

The first and second place winner also had the chance to perform in Soundrenaline, one of Indonesia’s biggest music festival. Studio 1212 developed the concept of Musik Gue Ekspresi Gue, organized the offline finalist workshop, managed the mentors/judges, and created the promotional and documentation video content.

Go Ahead Challenge - Karya Gak Tau Batas

The final Go Ahead Challenge of 2018, Karya Gak Tau Batas thematically challenged people to submit ideas that combines two subcultures. To accommodate this abstract idea, Studio 1212 helped develop the concept of people submitting a video that describe the two subcultures they are interested in and how they will combine them.

The biggest engagement of the year, Karya Gak Tau Batas recruited eight mentor/judges from four subcultures, Widi Puradireja and Jason Ranti for music, William Gozali and Martin Natadipraja for culinary, Anton and Bill Satya for photography, and Naufal Abshar and Ardneks (Kendra Ahimsa) for visual art. 

20 winners were then chosen and traveled to Jakarta for a six day workshop where mentors/judges helped them refine their ideas while judging the winner of the engagement. Studio 1212 developed the concept of Karya Gak Tau Batas, organized the offline finalist workshop, managed the mentors/judges, and created the promotional and documentation video content.

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