GoPay #2021Wishes

Lyric Video

Content Lead:
Ken Jenie

Art Director:
Clarissa Amabel

Senior Content Developer:
M. Hilmi

Content Specialist:
Vania Divanti

Graphic Designer:
Tiana Olivia

Account Team:
Dianti Saddono & Ramzy Widodo


In 2020, Studio 1212 team’s received a brief from Gojek to create a fun music video for GoPay’s year-end campaign. Featuring a catchy song, colorful animation, influencers, and user submissions, the result was a an entertaining and memorable video that greeted the new year.

2020 was the year of social distancing in Indonesia. A time when health regulations prevented people from meeting each other. But, the Indonesian spirit of togetherness is still there, especially during special occasions such as new year.

This situation inspired GoPay’s #2021Wishes, a year-end campaign that encouraged people to wish their loved ones a better 2021 by sending them Rp2,021,- GoPay balance along with a heartfelt message, and then sharing those messages on social media.

The creative idea Studio 1212 proposed was a “leaked GoPay Feed,” an animated feed that is teeming with wholesome conversation and reactions.

#2021Wishes video showcases the song through a GoPay Feed conversation between Joe Taslim, Fathia Izzati, and Diskoria. The video also featured social media influencers commenting on the feed, and actual audience wishes posted during the campaign - resulting in a video that is fun, colorful, and able to capture the optimistic collective spirit of the campaign. 


The GoPay feed had to be rich with visuals to create a celebratory tonality of the campaign.

To create a lively feed, not only did the video feature lyrics in the form of a post, but reactions were also displayed through likes and comments to create a rich and celebratory tone.

The music video’s concept rests on several important elements that the audience should experience at viewing.

• Relatable: Capturing the optimistic and heartfelt spirit by including #2021Wishes submissions.

 • Familiar: Showing the UI design of GoPay feed to introduce the product and emojis make the overall aesthetic a familiar one.

• Surprising: Including unexpected easter eggs such as the presence of influencers.

Fathia Izzati and Joe Taslim illustration
Public submission for #2021Wishes
Fathia Izzati and Joe Taslim illustration

Inspired by karaoke videos, Studio 1212 wanted the video to be fun and allow the audience to sing along while watching.

The lyrics were presented as messages by the performers in the GoPay Feed, and influencers also appeared with their own #2021Wishes.

The lyrics were exaggerated with different colors, animation and sizes, and digital elements such as pop up messages, ASCII art, and emojis added to the festive visual treatment.

The result was an animated music video that captured the music and campaign, and one that can be viewed repeatedly to find the details that appears throughout the video.

Simfoni Rindu - Diskoria, Fathia Izzati, Joe Taslim

When it was published, the music video received numerous positive responses from the audience that showed excitement towards the campaign finale.

  • Forced From Home
  • Fight The Power
  • There Is Nothing So Stable As Change
  • Daydreaming
  • What Means The World To You
  • Polka Dots And Moonbeams
  • Things In Life
  • For The Good Times