Nike Indonesia: Digital & Social Media

Social Media

Studio 1212’s relationship with Nike Indonesia is a long and proud one. From the various roles we accomplished for the famed sports brand, managing their various social media platforms was one of the very first we undertook.

Our first role was simple yet significant: to organize and run the brand’s social media accounts, namely on Facebook and Twitter. More specifically, we took the role of content localization, where we would create daily localized versions of contents created by Nike global and reinterpret them for a local audience.Over the years, our tasks expanded to moving on from content localization towards fulfilling a much more creative and consultative role with the brand.

Acting as de facto consultants and sounding boards for Nike during new product launches, Studio 1212 took the lead in the overall planning of the digital strategy for their launches: from building stories to overseeing the strategic planning. We were also responsible for the entire execution that included conducting photoshoots, creating guidelines, completing the final editing and copywriting.

Studio 1212 were also in charge of creating the identity of the event that includes creating the logo of The Look of Sport, designing the packaging, produce all the related collateral as well as providing the media kits for the event. A short and concise video was also produced to document the entire event.

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