Gojek Logistic - GoSend & GoBox

Social Media

2019 – 2020

Content Lead:
Ken Jenie 

Art Director:
Clarissa Amabel  

Senior Content Developer:
Avi Amerta, Febrina Anindita

Stefano Abbas, Winona Amabel  

Graphic Designer:
Dila Fauzia, Mardhi Lu, Tiana Olivia

Account Team:
Dianti Saddono, Arvian Minanda, Raka Hutomo

Indonesia’s super app company tasked Studio 1212 with maintaining social media content for two of their flagship logistic services, GoSend and GoBox. Responding to the brief, Studio 1212 developed creative approaches for each service that combined their unique selling points with popular internet culture, creating content that is informative, entertaining, and current.

As logistics services, GoSend and GoBox aspire to be the go-to solutions for people who want to move things from one point to another. To achieve that goal, Studio 1212 researched user impressions of each service before strategizing how to make them a priority in the mind of the users. 

The research found that when it comes to GoSend, users sought fast and reliable delivery services for urgent situations. While GoBox users sought convenient and reliable delivery services for big, bulky things that correlates to significant moments in their lives.

Illustration by Yudit Halim

As a solution, Studio 1212 used distinct individual personas for GoSend and GoBox’s social media that can effectively communicate their selling points with voices that are relatable.

Instagram became the primary channel for direct interaction with users while the Gojek’s blog provided complete information about the services, with each channel redirecting users to the app.


•  Practical and trustworthy person offering everyday functionality to make people’s wishes come true

•  Trusted and always ready to help

•  Offering timely delivery and a reasonable price


•  Go-to, dependable person to get over any task, however large they may be

•  Reliable for your big or important moment

•  Offering professional services and a variety of vehicle options


When translating the strategy into content, Studio 1212 categorized several pillars to communicate different product needs.


Inspirational content portrayed relatable situations where GoSend & GoBox are the solution. Educational content conveyed basic and technical information about the services. Studio 1212 also produced engagement content using simple gamification and rewards. Reactionary content adapted current trends, And promotional content delivered exclusive promotion from each services.

To make the social media  visually appealing to users, Studio 1212 combined memes and other trendy content approaches with Gojek’s visual identity, while a more polished approach was used for branded or promotional content.

With this direction, Studio 1212 was able to produce content that is varied yet familiar, and also used GoSend and GoBox’s logos, watermarks, graphic elements, typography and color palette to ensure the content relates directly to the brand.

#GoSendinPerhatian Campaign

Studio 1212’s creative approach articulated the strengths of individual services, was flexible enough to adapt quickly to trends, and was adjusted regularly to insights we learned from social media performance reports.

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